Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

Here are some pictures of the egg hunt we had on Good Friday. The weather was really nice and the kiddies seemed to have a great time!!
I Found one!!!

Shawn checkin out his eggs.

Kaylee figuring out what to do.

Logan isn't really all that into it.

Braden had a "helper" [LOL]

Even little Abby is in on the action!

Too many eggs...can't take it!!

Now, there's a story here...

Braden decided that he was going to carefully place his bucket on the trampoline. He left it there and went to hunt eggs. Each time he found an egg he would run all the way back to his bucket, placed on the trampoline, and place it there. Then he would go hunt for another one. We tried to get him to do it differently, but in Braden's world, that just made more sense!!


IamwhoIam said...

eggsalent hunt

Amanda said...

We sure did have a great time huntin eggs with ya'll. Thanks for inviting Shawn to join in. He always has such a good time with Braden and Logan. Braden was sooo sweet keepin his eggs all together. I mean, you didn't eggspect (lol) him to put his in Logan's bucket did you?

Alice Wills Gold said...

So funny...I don't like carrying around baskets either...and who needs all those eggs anyway.

Rachel said...

sounds like fun!!