Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Aiden

Aiden 2 months old

This post is for my nephew Aiden. Today is his first birthday. I'm not sure if you would call it "happy" though. Aiden was born January 4, 2007. He was almost 2 months early. He had to stay in the hospital almost a month. He was healthy otherwise though. It was very apparent that he was a fighter (he gets it from his Granny). My brother and his mom broke up before he was born. Aiden lives more than 2 hours away from us.

We got a call this summer that Aiden was in the hospital. They said his brain was swelling and he might not make it. He was on life support, but they were taking him off and if we wanted to see him we should come to the hospital. Abby was just a few weeks old, but Trad and I went. Trad didn't want to go in the room so he stayed with Abby. I went and for as long as I live, I will never forget that sight. Aiden was laying there, hooked up to so many machines, with tubes coming out of him everywhere. I thought I was going to be sick. I mean sicker than I have ever been. I watched my mom breathe her last breath, but that didn't even come close to this. There was just something about that poor little baby lying there so helpless, on the brink of death.

I didn't stay in there when they actually took him off the respirator. I couldn't. I needed to feed Abby and I just NEEDED to hold my baby. We stayed for hours just waiting for the bad news, but it never came. Yes indeed, Aiden was a fighter.

It turns out that Aiden has shaken baby syndrome. His mom's new boyfriend finally confessed 2 months after the incident. It has yet to be decided if it was an accident. The doctor's don't seem to think it is because of all the damage. I don't either, but that's another story.

Aiden suffered extensive brain damage. I have been told that he is 95% brain dead. His retinas are detached so he is blind. He can hear. He has a feeding tube. He doesn't move, he just lays there. He has been in the hospital more than not. Every time I ask about him, he is in the hospital again. He just got out of the hospital yesterday. He had surgery to wrap his esophogus so he wouldn't throw up so much.

He is alive though. I won't deny that from the time of the accident when I prayed for him, I wouldn't pray for him to live, only for what was best. Evidently, this is best, at least for now. I am shocked that Aiden has lived this long. I didn't expect him to. I am waiting for THAT call though.

Latest picture I have of Aiden

Oh yes, Aiden is a fighter! Happy 1st Birthday!! I love you so much!!


Gingerbread Grandma said...

My heart goes out to you. I can tell you love your nephew very much. I know the pain you are feeling. I know first hand about the devastation of Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS). The long term outcome is never good for these small victims. I too prayed for my grandson. God decided to allow him to live. But, it is not the best life for a child.

Shaken Baby Syndrome is never an accident. Your daughter's boyfriend really lost it when he grabbed hold of Aiden. It's one thing for a child to have retinal hemmoraging because of SBS, it's even worse when the child's retinas become detached. That meant the shaking was worse than brutal!!! It took a tremendous amount of force to cause this type of trauma. No way was this an accident. That man should never be around Aiden or any other child for that matter, ever again. He is a dangerous man... a loose cannon... with a very bad temper... he loses it too easily. Thank you for sharing your painful story. Hugs (If you want more in depth and accurate information on SBS you can visit You can also be part of a support and discussion group.

Cynthia said...

ugh. do you know what i think of when i think about aiden?

that i would have named him joseph...

Danielle said...

As I am about to give birth, I read this and just cried. How could anyone do that to a sweet, innocent baby? I hope the boyfriend gets what he deserves because it certainly isn't fair to little Aiden. I will keep you and little Aiden in my prayers. I wish the best for him

Danielle Sliger

SwampAngel65 said...

Oh, my heart goes out to little Aiden. Poor baby, so have someone do something like that to a baby is just sick. I will pray for him that, since he is a fighter, he'll be able to overcome what's happened to him...somehow, someway, with God's love and help.

I look at my 3 yr. old and thank God he is healthy and happy. That fact that my son's name is Aidan makes it feel a little closer...weird, but it does.

Happy belated Birthday, Aiden!

Emma in Canada said...

This post left me in tears. That is absolutely heartbreaking. I agree with your first commentor that this was not an accident.