Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pumpkin Woes...

Yesterday Braden had a fieldtrip to the Pumpkin Patch. He went last year and had a wonderful time even though it was freezing! I went with him again this year thinking that it would be fun for him. I was so wrong! The first thing that we did when we arrived was go on the hayride down to the pumpkin patch. He loved that. The thing he didn't love was getting off the hayride. He cried the whole time we were "pumpkin shopping." Of course when we got back on the hayride he did fine again. That stopped when we got back off to do everything else.

He did really good at lunch. We sat at the picnic tables and he ate his chicken nuggets and cheetos and drank his juice. He even stole my bag of chips! We went and bought a pack of m&m's because he loves chocolate.

After lunch we headed to the first "hay play" area. You have to crawl through to get in the area. He didn't really want to but when he saw his friends doing it he thought he would give it a try. That lasted about 5 seconds. He was no more in than he came right back out. He wanted me to get all the hay off him because he didn't like it.

He did however like the pond with the fountain. All he wanted to do there was get close enough to stick his hand in the water and put it in his mouth. Luckily, we couldn't get that close. The water is really yucky too.

When I finally realized that he was not having any fun, I decided it was time for us to leave. I hated making him go home early, but he was the only one in his class that wasn't having a good time. Turns out he was really tired and fell asleep about after a minute in the car.

We made up for him leaving early though. We took him outside twice and let him play forever. I feel like we never take him anywhere and that he is missing out on things. On the other hand, he is happy as a lark to just stay home and be outside. Sometimes I really don't know what to do. I want to take him to the zoo or a water park or wherever. I just don't know how tramatic certain things are going to be for him.

He is getting better with alot of things though. He is being able to handle certain situations that he couldn't handle in the past. Maybe we will try the pumpkin patch again next year.


lucy said...

It's ok, at least you found something he likes!

Shannon's Stuff said...

I sub and I had one of your boys in my class one day at Hickory Creek. I remember him being really sweet. I just found your blog today. I am almost finished reading Louder Than Words. I saw Mccarthy on Oprah and had to get this book.