Saturday, October 20, 2007

My Favorite Things...

I had a wonderful day today. I travelled to Whitwell, a small town outside Dunlap. They have an arts and crafts fair every year at Ketner's Mill. It is a real working mill on the Sequatchie River.

I just love everything about it, the sights and the smells, and all the talents that people have. The leaves are really starting to change color about this time of year. I love to look at nature and this little spot is at the foot of the mountains and the view is breathtaking! The air was so crisp and clean this morning. There is something about an early Saturday morning that I love, especially in fall.

I also love the food at events like this one! I love food in general, but being able to eat food that you don't usually get is special to me. I guess that is why I like the fair food so much. It only comes round once a year, any more than that and it would just be an everyday thing. I got a glass of fresh squeezed lemonade and fried mushrooms, on a stick! They were really good. Also, there are so many samples of things to try. I got a jar of orange blossom honey. I tried it first and it was really good. I wanted honey with a comb in it but I got this instead because it was so yummy. There was also a bakery type place set up that had these wonderful sourdough cream cheese muffins. I got one but I am already wishing that I had bought more! I also got other various food related items such as a huge bag of beautiful pecans that I am going to split with my mother in law, Joy. I always make Trad pecan pies for Thanksgiving and Christmas, so it was a good buy. I got a pack of mulling spices for cider which I am going to try out at our harvest party if it doesn't rain! And I got some barbecue sauce. I really enjoy getting everyday items and seeing how someone has put their talent into it.

I saw a few people spinning. I particularly enjoyed watching one woman spinning alpaca wool. Things like that are really becoming a lost art. I would love to learn to do things like that if I only had the time! There were beautiful
pieces of pottery also. I am always amazed at how talented people are! There was also alot of beautiful jewelry pieces and handcrafted items.

I bought Abby a corduroy dress because I love corduroy and it was a beautiful brown and teal floral print. The dress itself was made very well and I really liked the way it was cut. I also bought her a onesie and a two piece outfit for next year that was tie-dyed. She didn't have anything tie-dyed! That's my excuse! :)

I went with my MIL Joy and my SIL April and her daughter, Kaylee. Kaylee and Abby were both troopers. They did so good. Abby did get hot and I had to change her into a cooler outfit. Grandma put her to sleep and she took a nap for a while. Kaylee didn't really seem to feel good, or April didn't think so, but she was better behaved than she has ever been on an outing. We stayed about 3 hours and saw everything. I had a wonderful time and hope we do it again next year!


lucy said...

I am so glad you had fun!!