Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sleep, I'd rather sleep...

Both of my boys have sleeping problems. It seems alot of autistic children do. They go through spells where they sleep really good, then not. Over time Braden seems to have had the most trouble, but Logan's problems are more severe.

Braden has been waking up every night the past week or so. He comes into our room, not wanting anything. I think he just wants to make sure we are still there. We usually get him a drink and put him right back to bed. He goes right to sleep. It hasn't always been that way though. He is getting better. However, he has been waking up really early in the mornings. Around 6 am, which is super-early for him. He has always liked to sleep late. That compounded with him cutting out his naps most days makes him not grumpy, but really annoying!

Logan has always been strange about his sleeping habits. He will only sleep in his bed and does not like to sleep with anyone at all. From the time he was born, if he was sleeping and got woke up he would not go back to sleep. It didn't matter if he had been asleep for 5 hours or 5 minutes. He still has the same habits. He woke up this morning at 1am, ready to go. He was so tired but couldn't even settle down long enough to go back to sleep. Finally at 4am he gave in. I got to go back to bed.

Five minutes later is when Braden made his nightly appearance. After a cup of water and some reassurance that we were not going anywhere, he went back to bed.

Logan was awake for the day a few minutes before six. Because he was so tired from missing so much sleep, he actually took a nap (yay!) although I wasn't home to enjoy the peace and quiet.

I am expecting tonight to be a repeat since they seem to get into a habit of doing things quickly. Hopefully I am wrong and will be able to get a little sleep tonight. It's funny that my 3 month old is the only person in our house that seems to ever sleep through the night!!


lucy said...

Maybe it will get better! hopefully.

rosanne said...

Michelle, my heart really goes out to you because I totally understand sleeping issues, and it is so hard!!! Mitchell has had the croup the last few nights, and he was up about 6 times each the last several nights, and it is a killer. I also understand about early risers. I hope they eventually sleep better for you. You are such a great Mom Michelle, the Lord definitely knew who he was sending your sweet boys to!! rosanne