Thursday, January 31, 2008

All you need is a goat...

We have been told that to clean out our fence row all we need is a.) a leash b.) a collar and c.) a goat. Evidently this goat will do all the work and get the fence row nice and clean (and get you arrested). Since we don't have a goat, or money for bail, we decided to go another route.

This fence has been up since before I was born, which isn't a terribly long time, but long enough to get shabby. And not in a chic way. Upkeep on it kinda went under when my dad moved out. It hasn't been cleaned out in well over 10 years.

We have been talking about cleaning it out, but it is WAY down on the to-do list. Trad's friend, Matthew said that he would help him get it cleaned out. Matthew owns his own lawncare business and he has a Mexican that works with him. His name is Francisco, but evidently everyone calls him Fran. [I understand that Mexican is not PC, but he really is from Mexico, so I think I am ok there.] Fran is awesome! He is a very hard worker and things happen very quickly when comes over to help. He might even be better than a goat, who knows??

I wish I had took some before pictures, but I didn't think about it. This is only phase 1. There will be more pictures up as they go around the fence more. You can see the other side of the field, and how grown up that fence row is. That is what this side looked like also. This is a pic of the fence closest to the house. There was an old rusty metal building on that slab of concrete. Trad is going to pour more concrete around there and make himself a basketball court. They started around where the building was. It had alot of brush and small trees growing there.This is the same angle, just a little further up the fence row.

This is the barn that is overgrown with trees and brush. We have to figure out whether we need to tear it down or try to save it. One end is falling in, but the other seems to be sturdy.

This is Matt, Fran, and Trad

This is Matthew catching me taking pictures of them. Oops. You can see from the size of the brush pile how much they have cleaned out. There is another pile of brush in the other field that is bigger than this one.
They got a ton of work done in just 5 hours. I am very impressed at the speed of which things are shaping up out there. There is still a whole lot of fence to be cleared, and then the fence will probably have to be replaced altogether. On the up side, looks like we will be having one heck of a weenie roast!


Alice Wills Gold said...

Goats do eat and clean everything!

Cynthia said...

Goats will work. Husbands?? They are questionable.

Cynthia said...

I am bringing you a goat. Since you made fun of my Sunday Summary!