Saturday, January 19, 2008

Rub a dub dub...

Today was Abby's first real-life, big girl, sitting up by herself bath in the sink!!

I thought that she would like it more than she actually did. Actually, I don't think she really liked it much at all. She has always loved the water, but she has never been "alone" in it before either. All-in-all, she did okay though.

She is getting too big too fast for me. You never really realize what little time that babies are actually little until you have one, or three, or six. I have mixed emotions of sad and happy because I know that she is my last baby. I am sad because she is my last baby. On the other hand, I am happy because I know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and one day I won't have to deal with teething, or baby food, or diapers.

"Where did all these bubbles come from??"

"Lets see how they taste!!"

"She went and got my hair wet!!"

"I'm all clean now."


lucy said...

oh how fun!!

rachel said...

She is sooooo cute!! I cant belive how fast she is growing up!!

Nekked Lizard Man said...

Babies are best when they discover that splashing makes a cool wet sound, and gets the bather just as wet as the bathee - not to mention a large radius. We gave our son Poot many a bath, which is probably why, at 12, he tries to avoid them altogether. So space them evenly - you don't want to get her too many to fast.... NLM

lisa's chaos said...

She looks like she had a good time! Such a cute baby! *kisses*