Monday, January 7, 2008

Peas?? or Carrots??

Today was Abby's first try at baby food. She did AWESOME!! I wasn't sure what to expect. She is much older than the boys were when they first had baby food. I confess that I didn't really want to feed her anything! I LOVE nursing her so much!!
I didn't get to nurse Braden because of his cleft palate. I nursed Logan only about 4 months. He stayed so hungry I think we should have started him on baby food from day 1!! I am really enjoying Abby though. I know that she is going to be my last baby and I want to keep her little!! (Is that so wrong??)
She has been eating some things. We have given her bread, crackers, mashed potatoes, and broccoli and corn out of casseroles at Christmas. She has had some biter biscuits also. Her daddy also gave her some banana bread too. She loves to eat. She is so interested in food. She loves to watch us eat. We can just see the anticipation that she has, waiting for us to give her some.
Sometimes she even licks her sweet little lips!!


rachel said...

she looks so cute!!

haley said...

Abby is so adorable!
I just read your post on my blog (about colors for the boys room) and the funny thing is, I was planning on those colors! I just don't know which walls to paint which colors. You know, great minds think alike!!!

-Ann said...

I have to confess that children are a big mystery to me. I don't really understand when you're meant to feed them "real" food and how you decide what to give them. I know some weird stuff (like no honey to babies under a year old) but I don't know the basics at all.

How did you figure it out? Did you read books or does the doctor tell you or what?

Emma in Canada said...

I'm with you on keeping the last baby little! Mine is 17 months and every time she does something new I feel sort of sad.