Monday, May 26, 2008

Braden's Party

On Friday Braden had his 5th birthday party. It is the first party he has had that wasn't just family members. I decided to throw it at the Jungle Jym. We invited a few close friends and family. I was really worried about the weather since it was outside, but everything went smoothly. Braden did really well with everyone being there. We were afraid he would have a meltdown since it was a new situation. We kept it really casual and I think everyone had a great time!!Braden's cake. Joy Tubb made it. She is the sweetest!!
This is a picture of us singing "Happy Birthday" to Braden. He didn't blow out his candle. Maybe next year!! This is one of Braden' gifts. The toothbrush plays music. It plays for 2 minutes, which is how long you are supposed to brush. I guess I don't brush my teeth that long, cause it seemed like it played forever!!

This is Logan and Lucy on the playground. He wasn't too happy having his picture taken.

Braden playing with a wheel on the playground.

My MIL, Joy, Abby and Trad.

Melinda and Chris (who just graduated high school-we are so proud of him!)

Kaylee digging into the cake.

It just started to rain right as we got everything packed up. He is hiding from the rain.


lucy said...

It was lots of fun!

Cynthia said...

Fun party.

Kim said...

it was a great party!

Kristi said...

Great party. Love the cake!

Merrianne & Spencer Call said...

That is the cutest cake ever!

i'm kelly said...

looks like fun!

Alice Wills Gold said...

Happy Birthday Braden...and cute cake.