Monday, May 19, 2008

Pizza Party

On Friday, Trad and I took pizza and cupcakes to Braden's class. There are only 10 children in the class, and only 8 of them were there. They are all boys and they are so sweet!! This pic of the boys getting ready for cupcakes.

This is them waiting on their pizza.

Braden and his cheese pizza.
(He LOVES cheese pizza. It's one of his 4 basic food groups.)

I was suprised when Braden chose this cupcake over a chocolate one. He pretty much only eats the icing anyway.

Braden did so well during the party. He was much better than last year when we brought cupcakes. He is making such great strides both at school and at home. I am excited to see how much more he develops over this summer.


lucy said...

Sounds Like so much fun!

Tenara King said...

These pictures are so cute of Braden. Cheese is my favorite pizza too! I am glad he is doing so well, and his party went well too.