Monday, May 19, 2008

School's out??

Does your child's room look like this??
How about this??


This is Braden's classroom. His NEW classroom. Seems that the school system decided that it couldn't wait the FOUR days until school was out to move their classroom!! They gave the teacher today to move her whole classroom-with her kids there. There was subs to help, but the children had to stay outside on the playground, with no academic instruction at all.

When I picked Braden up today I received a note saying that today was their last day of school. Now, officially they can't make us keep Braden home, but if he goes to school, this is his classroom. There will be no instruction from the teachers because they will be busy trying to get the room ready for next year. I mean, it's only 2 and a half months away (she says sarcastically). Now, don't get me wrong, I do not blame this on Braden's teachers at all. They are doing their best, considering the other teachers at the school pretty much pushed them out of their room. They put all of their things in the hall for them to deal with. I am very disappointed with the school right now.

I am writing a letter to the principal, the director and special ed, and the school board. This is unacceptable. My child has every right to be educated as many days as all the "typical" students in the school. I am beginning to see that the world sees people with special needs as not special but a burden on society.

On that note, I saw on Channel 2 News today that somewhere (not in TN) there is a Catholic church that has put a restraining order on a 13 year old boy because he is AUTISTIC!!! Isn't that something??!! I personally don't believe that anyone has the right to tell anyone that they can or cannot attend church somewhere. I am so appalled and disgusted.


Tenara King said...

You know the school system has changed so much since when I was a student. Grades have to be in like two weeks before school is out at West so last week and this week has been nothing but playing around in every class. I think that is crazy!!! The students' behaviors get worse too because they are bored. Its not just his class. It is everywhere! I was a sub today and I took them outside the whole day except lunch. (Teacher's orders for me for the day.)

Cynthia said...

Braden's classroom is not the only one that has moved already. The Ms. Smiths have swapped their classrooms already, too.

I have a beef I am going to go and talk to the principal about, too. THe AR award ceremony was a joke. And they claimed it was because of privacy issues that they couldn't announce top winners, etc. THey lumped them all together, if you got over 200 points, you got a trophy that said 200 point club. Well, I think there is a big diference to working your tail off all year to get 510 points than just getting 200!

HCES celebrates mediocrity and then will not acknowledge students on their true achievemnets! They are afraid someones feelings might get hurt!

Rachel said...

That makes me soo mad! I can't believe they are makeing them move even though school is not officialy out! I think there is a law agianst that- if there is not, there should be!

Kristi said...

I understand your frustration Michelle. I hope things get better. Sometimes the squeaky wheel is the ONLY one that gets the grease. Don't be afraid to speak up. It might help.

StacyRenee said...

This is insane. They did this to my daughters kindergarten class last year. We had a student teacher and a teacher who was retiering and really didn't want to be teaching another year. I spent almost every day in the classroom making sure they were learning something. I am not qualified (other being a mom of 5) to teach and half the students only spoke spanish. The "teachers" would get angry cause the children didnt understand her. they even yelled at one who was acting out. (I found out later that day she had just lost her mother)I gave that class my all that year day in and day out (with out pay even though it was offered) in hopes that it might make a difference. I was very thankful to the Sped department (same school) for going above and beyond for our son (giving me the time to spend with my daughters class).

Anonymous said...

It makes me so sad to hear that. And I am very sorry. I am a teacher and I know that students and 85% of teachers @ HCES are not treated with any kind of respect. We are losing lots of good students and good helpful parents. The admin. and front office staff are unfriendly and quite frankly rude. You are right. There needs to be a letter writing campaign to everyone at the central office. Students learning should always come first. I hope that you will have an awesome year in August. I hope Braden has the best summer ever!

Alice Wills Gold said...

I am so sorry about this school situation.....TN schools leave much to be desired at time...autistic students or not. I feel very blessed to have found a good school.

And, I too am appauled at some people's action against the disabled.