Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Eve Dinner

My side of the family has always done our "thing" on Christmas eve. Mama started this tradition and I am not about to end it. This year I cooked for Jamie, my brother, Jamie, his girlfriend (confusing? YES), and my dad. We ate turkey and dressing and all the trimmings. Then we opened our gifts. This is really the first year that Braden has been interested in opening presents. Logan ripped the paper long enough to get a strip of it then he was done. (He is very interested in paper right now.) Surprisingly, to me, Abby opened her gifts also, though not as fast as Braden. :) Braden and Logan both got a John Deere pedal tractor from Pa. They are really going to enjoy those this summer! We all had a very good time visiting with each other. This was, of course, Abby's first Christmas and she was a very big hit!

Abigail in her santa hat

Abby & her Uncle Jamie

Abby eating some mashed taters

Braden obviously happy with his new movie

Logan opening his present from Pa

Abby opening presents with mommy

Abby with the "other" Jamie

Logan opening presents with daddy

Abby and Braden with Pa

Logan and Pa


rachel said...

it looks like you had a lot of fun!! Merry Christmas!!