Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Eve Traditions

Abby opening her Christmas jammies

Abby getting ready for bed (& santa)

Braden in his Christmas pjs

Logan in his pjs

When my brother and I were little we always got to open one present on Christmas eve. It was always pajamas. We got pajamas EVERY year. They were always red or green. I now know that it was so we would be cute in our Christmas morning pictures. :) My mom wanted to continue the tradition with my kids. She bought Braden his first pair of Christmas pjs. The next year she bought Braden's and then Logan's first pair also.

I am continuing this tradition. Last year I had a terrible time finding Christmas pjs. This year I started looking EARLY!! I was able to find pjs for both the boys and Abby. I think they are all so cute!!!


lucy said...

cute cute cute!!!!