Sunday, December 30, 2007

Christmas Morning

Our morning began around 7:30 when we heard Logan coming down the hall towards our room. He laid with us for a few minutes before we heard Braden. We went ahead and got up and took the boys into the dining room where the tree was. Santa had came.
Braden got a Thomas the train comforter. Logan got a Diego chair. Abigail got a diaper bag with her name on it. We gave the boys their stockings to open. They were working on them when Abby woke up. This is the first year that Braden has had any interest in opening presents. Logan tore the paper long enough to get a piece he could play with then he was satisfied. Abby ripped the paper better than I thought she would.
All in all, I am proud of us this year. We didn't go overboard with the kids presents. We really didn't spend alot on them at all. We got each of them a few things that we knew they would like and a few things that they needed and that was it. Our boys are great. They would be happy with just one new toy. We are so blessed to have 3 wonderful children. That is the best Christmas gift of all. Abby waving to daddy

GO VOLS!! (This is daddy's boggin.)

Logan and his dino jammies from Abby

Braden opening his choo-choo

Abby and her glo worm. (Each of the kids received one on their first Christmas. Mama got Braden his.)

Abby and her chewie

Abby with her stocking

Braden playing with his stocking toys.
(See that box of Reece's Pieces-it didn't last long!)

Logan kinda opening one of his presents.

Abby watching Braden open a present.

Logan in his Diego chair under his Diego blanket.


lucy said...

that is so sweet. i am glad you had a great Christmas!