Sunday, December 9, 2007

Should've been a Cowboy!!

Let me be the first to tell you that this scene is really weird. My boys do not like ANYTHING on their heads. We don't do caps, toboggans, party hats, ear muffs, hoods, nothing. We no longer even attempt it because it causes such meltdowns. Logan has been wearing this cowboy hat VOLUNTARILY. He puts it on himself and wears it around. Strange, very very strange.

This hat has some history to it. It was my brother, Jamie's hat when he was around Logan's age. He used to walk around with it on and cowboy boots. No matter what he had on, he wore this hat and cowboy boots. Even with shorts. He was so cute! He had this plastic guitar that he would play too. We actually have him on tape doing this. His favorite song to sing was "Honky tonk man" by Dwight Yokam. What memories!!

Why do my boys always have dirty faces?? The more I wash them, the dirtier they get!!

This picture just screams "redneck." I think its the teeth!

He's really getting excited that I'm taking so many pictures of him.

Now he looks like a country singer. They all have their cowboy hats so far down on their heads you wonder if they have faces!

I think he is done with the photo shoot. No more Mom!!


lucy said...

so cute!!:)

rachel said...

I think that Logan is sooo cute!! I like the new do!!