Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A room with a view...

Well, it's official. Logan has moved into his new room. The move has been coming for some time now. We moved him out of his room when Abby was born. Since then, he has shared a room with Braden. That was a terrible idea on our part. We didn't have any other choice.

Or so we thought...

We decided to move Logan into the utility room. I know what you are thinking...Aren't most utility rooms the size of a closet?? Not ours. When the house was originally built it was intended to be a bedroom. Since then it has been everything but. When I was little it was our dining room. When we were older it became the office/computer room. Then when mama got sick we moved the washer and dryer upstairs and it became the utility room.

After about 3 months of Logan barely sleeping at all we decided to give this a try. That paired with his crib literally about to fall apart. A few weeks ago both boys figured out how to climb in and out of the crib. They have basically been using it as a trampoline ever since.

Why is Logan still in a crib you ask?? We tried to move him out of it a few months ago. We bought both boys a twin bed. Braden made the transition from a toddler bed to the twin bed just fine. Logan was not ready and after a week of no sleep we gave in and put the crib back up.

Since Braden figured out how to get in the crib Logan has been crying alot at night. We have decided that he is scared that Braden would get in there with him, and he has a few times.

We moved everything out of the utility room besides the washer and dryer and the freezer. They should be going downstairs once it warms up in the spring. I moved all the food out of the pantry and turned it into a closet. We moved Braden's old toddler bed upstairs. Monday night was the first night Logan stayed in his new room.

He slept all night!!

He took a nap in his room on Tuesday and last night it happened again.

He slept all night!!

I am so proud of him and so excited that he is moving on from that "baby" stage into the "big boy" stage. I am also proud that I can stop pulling out my hair!

The only down side to Logan being moved out is...

Braden has woke up both nights!!!

I can't win for losing!!!!!


lucy said...

that is awsome!!! yea Logan